Whats in the Box? Introduction (Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game)

Hello there! We are XWingList and this is “What’s in the Box?“. This series is meant to show and give details of everything that comes in a Star Wars X-Wing Core Set or Expansion. The series will not be a review or opinion on what is inside the box, but simply a fact driven list of exactly what is in the box.

X-Wing and Y-Wing Miniatures flying getting ready to go to hyperspace
X-Wing and Y-Wing taking off from Rebel Base

Now that we have the premise established, let’s talk about frequency of the series. Our plan for this will be to open a box bi-weekly and have a subsequent post. Below is our tentative schedule. Comment below on your thoughts and critiques and as always; please like, subscribe and share if you support our content!


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Core Sets

Post NamePost DateLink to PostLink to Buy
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set04/23/2017Link
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game The Force Awakens Core Set05/07/2017TBD
T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack05/21/2017TBD
Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack06/04/2017TBD

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