50 Point Game: Poe | Tie S/F, Tie F/O | B-Wing, Z-95(x2)

Hey everyone! So we know that today was supposed to be a “Whats in the Box?” but after further evaluation of what we proposed we came to the conclusion that it’s just not fiscally feasible to buy an expansion set each week. So our plans is to push “What’s in the Box?” to bi-weekly. So this week you get to see some lists we flew this weekend and some crispy pictures of the ships!

So we started this game night out with a conundrum. What happens when you have more than two people trying to run 100 point lists in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game? We’ll tell you what, 5 hours and you’re slouched over the game table a 6 pack deep with pizza grease all over your fresh nerdy t-shirt. We know that we all love Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, but damn can these 3+ person games be exhausting physically and mentally (the physical part might just be me; I am so out of shape!). We decided to try and fix this and play 50 point lists when we have more than two people. We know you’re probably thinking. “How do these guys have more than two friends?” We are still trying to figure that one out ourselves.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game Tie Fighters B-Wing Z-95
Mike flying the Tie Fighters on the left and John flying the B-Wing and Z-95’s on the right.

First off lets just get this out of the way: How freaking cool is this table that John and Mike built? The center is the size of a regulation mat. It folds in half for easy transportation and storage. From what they said it was just some wood, hinges, and some spray paint. So cool, we will have to do a post on just the table some time!

Now, let’s get into the actual lists. As you can imagine 50 points is not much to work with. Some how John was able to field one heavy hitting B-Wing and two Z-95 Headhunters for escort which equated to exactly 50 points. This means he had the most ships on the table.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Starting point for the B-Wing and two Z-95's
Starting point for the B-Wing and two Z-95’s

Johns 50 point list

Pilot: Blue Squadron Pilot22 ptsLink to buy
Ship: B-Wing
Fire-Control System2 pts
Flechette Torpedoes2pts
Pilot: Bandit Squadron Pilot12 pts
Ship: Z-95 Headhunter
Pilot: Bandit Squadron Pilot12 pts
Ship: Z-95 Headhunter
Total Points50 pts

Mike decided to rock his Special forces Tie and Tie/fo. The Special forces Tie is very well equipped to both modify dice for attack and defense. Don’t forget its able to shoot out of its rear arc! This made for some interesting arc dodging. The Tie/fo is meant as an escort to support and flank.

Star Wars X-Wing Minatures Game Tie FO Tie SF
Tie F/O and Tie S/F starting position

Mikes 50 point list

Pilot: Zeta Specialist23 ptsLink to buy
Ship: Special Forces TIE
Sensor Jammer4 pts
Cluster Missiles4 pts
Sensor Cluster2 pts
Pilot: Epsilon Squadron Pilot15 pts
Ship: TIE/fo Fighter
Targeting Computer2 pts
Total Points50 pts

Before getting to Johns place we had intentions of flying three X-Wings with Poe leading the charge. Unfortunately we were limited to 50 points. No matter! “We will just stack Poe!” So we ended up with a 47 point Poe Dameron. Which ended up being pretty awesome to fly. We could do three actions if we used a green maneuver! Thanks to BB-8, Push the Limit and Pattern Analyzer to ignore stress tokens. This let us perform some pretty crazy arc dodging, and essentially allowed us to move half way across the board in one turn.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Poe Dameron
Poe in position to throw some dice
Pilot: Poe Dameron33 ptsLink to buy
Ship: T-70 X-Wing
BB-82 pts
Pattern Analyzer2 pts
Push The Limit3 pts
Integrated Astromech0 pts
Black One1 pts
Advanced Proton Torpedoes6 pts
Total points:47 pts

So Mike and us ended up teaming up against John because we knew that he had more dice that he could throw just because of the amount of ships he brought to the match. Which worked out pretty well until it was just the Special Forces Tie and Poe Dameron left. With how ridiculous the upgrades were on the Special Forces Tie it left him unscathed going into the final bout. Poe on the other hand was going into the finals with one hull left. After about 7 turns of us either arc dodging or intentionally running into the Special Forces Tie to not allow it to attack, we finally caught a break and Mike flew it off the board. We know that technically this is a win but we are filthy casuals so we just kept playing. Another 5 turns go by with Poe arc dodging and the Special Forces Tie negating our roles. So we decided to play a little chicken and hope for the best…..The Tie Special Forces ended Poe Dameron in a flash of laser bolts.

Here are some additional pictures of the match!

Poe arc dodging
Poe and Tie Fighters teaming up on the B-Wing
Z-95 checking range
Z-95 checking range

That’s it for this week’s post! We hope you guys get some ideas from the lists we flew this weekend! Post any list that you flew this weekend in the comments! We will be back next week with The Force Awakens Core Set “Whats in the Box”. Have a great week and may the force be with you!

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